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Introduction to adult webcam affiliate programs

You couldn't have miss it, adult cam sites have definitely became the big lucrative thing of the porn industry. Even some of the most popular tubes (Stripchat by xHamster for example) have launched their own cam site to join the bandwagon.

This is definitely the good moment for you to join in as a cam webmaster and make money with WPLiveCam. Contrary to VOD business that reached its maturity (even though there's still good money to make) , it's definitely your time to take a very interesting piece of the cam sites business pie.

As you know, the purpose of WPLiveCam all-in-one WordPress theme is to make your path to become a successful cam webmaster easier thanks to a premium theme that allows you to import tons of online models in few clicks.

But not only, we also integrated tools in WPLiveCam that makes your cam site really easy to monetize thanks to the oldest and most popular way to make online money: affiliate marketing programs.

Whether you are looking for extra bucks or plan to start a long-time journey to make a decent passive income, this guide is for you.

What is an adult webcam affiliate program?

It's definitely the best and the easier way to make an online income.

The idea of affiliate programs is simple. It can be defined as a partnership between two sides : on one side there is the advertiser (that could be any online business) who wants to sell a product or a service and on the other side the affiliate who will recommend the product and earn a percentage everytime a person buys the advertiser's product by clicking on his affiliate link.
In this situation you would be the affiliate. In a nutshell, you redirect your traffic to the advertiser offer and earn a commission for every customer that you bring.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation, both for the merchant (advertiser) and the affiliate. The merchant won't pay for useless marketing promotion as the affiliate payout is based on sales generated. At the same time, if it's done right, be assured that the revenues possibilities are insane for the affiliate.

Different adult webcam affiliate programs

It exists multiple affiliate programs pricing models and it's quite important to know them, but keep in mind that these commission models are different from a cam site to another:

Pay-per-lead (PPL)

As an affiliate, you will get paid everytime you bring a lead to the advertiser. A lead is a visitor who can possibly be interested by the product sold by the advertiser. In adult cam sites business, a visitor that creates an account for free will be considered as a lead and you will get paid by the cam platform (like Chaturbate) if you bring them visitors that sign-up with their emails. The revenue is quite low per sign-up (from 0,50 to maximum 2 dollars) but the conversions are better. Pay-per-lead is also called pay-per-free or pay-per-email in cam sites affiliate programs. Not to be confused with pay-per-signup which is a slightly different.

Pay-per-signup (PPS)

With this pricing model, the affiliate earns instantly for a qualified new customer he brings to the adult cam site. Contrary to pay-per-lead, a qualified customer is a visitor that signed-up for free and that made his first purchase. For example, as a cam webmaster affiliate, you will earn up to $150 if one of your WPLiveCam site visitor created an account in LiveJasmin and purchases its first tokens on models. The pay-per-signup commission is usually lower than pay-per-lead or revshare but each conversion gives you a lot of money.

Revshare (REV)

Also called lifetime revshare, the revshare program allows you to earn a percentage on every single purchase at any moment by one of the customer your brought to the platform, for lifetime. You won't receive commission for a user that registers for free but will receive a percentage each time this purchases credits (or tokens). Now multiply it by the number of users referred by you and imagine the possibilities.
But be careful, choosing revshare lifetime should be a well-considered choice and we highly recommend this for long-term strategy.

Now, how does it work to make money with WPLiveCam?

There are 2 different ways to monetize your WPLiveCam site : affiliate programs (as said previously) and displaying ads on your theme.

First, let's see in details how you will make money with WPLiveCam as an affiliate cam webmaster.

WPLiveCam and affiliate programs

For this section, let's pretend you already purchased and installed WPLiveCam Theme. But if you didn't already, do not run away! I'm pretty sure this monetizing part will make up your mind ;)

In few words : with WPLiveCam your content = your way to monetize. You setup both at the same time.

Contrary to adult VOD site in which you have to integrate plenty of ads banners, popunders, pre-roll mid-roll and everything related, with WPLiveCam, your content is the key.

First, you have to go to your dashboard and add a cam site:

Select a Cam Site
Add a Cam Site

Remember, you are not limited to a single source choice. You can add multiple cam sites into your theme, mix the content and generate revenues from different affiliate programs you already signed-up for. 13 cam sites sources are currently available in WPLiveCam including the well-known (Chaturbate, StripChat, BongaCams, LiveJasmin...) and more are about to come.

For this example, let's take LiveJasmin source only to make it easier to understand. Once you've chosen the source, you'll have to configure it to add your affiliate ID and start generating revenues.

Add LiveJasmin to WPLiveCam Theme
Add LiveJasmin to WPLiveCam Theme

Once you've chosen the source, you'll have to configure it to add your affiliate ID and start generating revenues.
Keep in mind that the affiliate ID is the one given to you by the cam site (AWEmpire for LiveJasmin), not by us.

This affiliate link is important : it's used to track the traffic thanks to a cookie implemented in the visitor's browser. Every sale or subscription will be recorded so that the affiliate program will gives you the payout based on these sales.

You don't have one single affiliate ID for all the sources, every single cam site has its affiliate program and you must paste the affiliate ID related to the source.

For example, if you choose LiveJasmin, then you'll have to paste your AWempire affiliate ID (AWEmpire is the name for LiveJasmin affiliate program) in the PSID blank area and choose between pay-per-signup or revshare program.

Configure your affiliate program
Configure your affiliate program

That's it! Your affiliate program is now configured, now let's see how your traffic will generate you a decent revenue thanks to this.

The visitor's path to conversion

A visitor that lands to your homepage will discover all the online models you imported. Keep in mind that WPLiveCam displays the online models first to always provide fresh content to your traffic.

Online models
Online models

Your visitor loves brunette cam models. Good news for him, you have all that he needs.

Brunette cam model
Brunette cam model

As a cam affiliate webmaster, you role is to redirect traffic to the offer so that you will earn a percentage for every visitor that will purchase tokens. As you can see at the bottom of the model stream, WPLiveCam theme embeds 2 call-to action (CTA) that will push your visitors to click on it.

Once your visitor clicks on “private show” or “type text” to chat with the model, he will automatically be redirected to the LiveJasmin model page and you will earn money once he becomes a LiveJasmin member and purchases its first tokens!

Maximize your revenues with ads

Earning a passive income as a cam webmaster affiliate is the first and most important monetization way you should focus on.

Recently we also added a new advertising section in WPLiveCam that allows you to display banner ads and an in-stream video ads directly in your theme to increase your revenues.

3 ads zones have been added:

One banner that you can place at the top of your site, one at the bottom, and the most interesting ad : the online streaming model directly included in your models list.

Advertising zones
Display banners on your cam site

These banners (also called advertising creatives tools) are provided by affiliate networks that created them in-house to allow webmaster to promote their offers through catchy call-to action.

To find these tools, got to your affiliate network site, log in and you will be able to find there in the promo tools section of your affiliate network.

What are the different affiliate programs and how to join them?

We are providing many sources and you feel lost ? No panic, here is a sum up of every single cam site and their affiliate programs condition.

Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Chaturbate is easily one of the best webcam sex sites on the Internet. They get an insane amount of traffic, which basically guarantees awesome shows 24 hours a day. Well-known for their amateur content and diversity of models, Chaturbate is one of the top of mind live sex cam site.

Here are the details of their affiliate program:

  • Pay-per-lead: You will earn a commission for every free sign-ups referred to Chaturbate. From $1 for Tier-1 countries, to $0,10 for Tier-2 and finally, $0,01 for Tier-3
  • Revshare: It's a lifetime revshare that offers 20% percentage on all credits bought by customers you referred to Chaturbate.
  • Minimum payout: $50

You can register at Chaturbate Affiliate Program for free.

Our advice: Chaturbate pay-per-lead program doesn't seem very interesting except who are sure that they gather a high-qualified traffic to their cam site. It could be frustrating to refer lot of new customers to Chaturbate for cents and imagine, months after what you could've earn if you went for revshare months after.
But be careful, it all depends on your strategy and your need. In a nutshell, revshare = long-term, pay per lead = short-term.

LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

AWEmpire is the name of LiveJasmin, MaturesCam, MyTrannyCams, Cameraboys, JoYourself, LiveSexAsian, LivePrivates and MyCams affiliate programs.

LiveJasmin is definitely the finest live cam site of the internet. LiveJasmin comes immediately in mind to anyone searching for high-standard live cams shows. Their iconic gorgeous red design immediately indicates that you have now entered a lustful vault where quality is the watchword. LiveJasmin, as all of the sources written above are part of AWEmpire and they all share the same affiliate program:

Here are the details of the AWEmpire affiliate program :

  • Pay-per-signup: Earn $150 dollars for the first two members brought to one of AWEmpire cam site. Then, AWEmpire has a system to scale-up your revenue :
    Members referred Commission
    1-2 $150
    3-10 $200
    11-20 $225
    21-50 $250
    51+ $300
  • Revshare: The percentage of commissions can go from 35% (for 0-99 credits bought) to 45% for more than 6000 credits bought during a specific period. You can find more details concerning AWEmpire revenue sharing program here : AWEmpire Programs

You can register at AWEmpire for free and get $150 BONUS.

Our advice: The commissions proposed by AWEmpire is one of the most interesting of the market. Also, having only one affiliate ID for all their niched cam sites (asian, mature, gay etc…) make it easier for you to create a powerful cam sites network to attract specific audience, thus, increase conversions.

BongaCams Affiliate Program

BongaCash is the name of BongaCams affiliate program.

Launched in 2012, BongaCams is now one of the top 5 live cams sites and one of the most visited adult websites on the internet. You can now import and offer to your traffic all their live cams models streams including their famous HD couples shows.

Here are the commissions conditions for BongaCash the official BongaCams affiliate program:

  • Pay-per-lead: You can earn up to $4,50 commissions for every free registrations referred from top-tiers countries. Then it decreases down to $0,05 for the lowest tier ones.
  • Lifetime revshare: You can earn up to 25% percentage for every purchase made by referrals brought by you to BongaCams.
  • Minimum payout: $50

You can register at BongaCams Affiliate Program for free.

Our opinion: The Pay-per-email (or pay-per-lead) program seems very interesting as long as their revenue sharing which is lifetime.

StripChat Affiliate Program

StripCash is the name of StripChat affiliate program.

The newest cam sites platform owned by xHamster is quickly becoming one of the most popular live cam sites as more and more international, amateur models that do both erotic and pornographic performances to please all different existing audiences.

StripCash commissions details :

  • Cost per lead (other name for Pay-per-lead) : They offer a commission up to $3 for single-opt-in and $5 dollars for double opt-in.
  • Lifetime Revshare : 20% percentage lifetime income earnings based on your referrals purchases.
  • Minimum payouts : $50 if you want to get it through Paxum, and COSMOpayment, $100 for ACH/Direct, Checks and EUR Wire Transfers and $500 for international wire transfers and cryptocurrencies.

You can register at StripChat Affiliate Program for free.

Our opinion: The cost-per-lead offer is definitely one of the best out of the cam affiliate programs. As you know, CPL (or PPL) aims at redirect lot of traffic to get lot of conversions even though the payout per conversion is not really interesting. With their offer, Stripcash is definitely solving the problem. But be careful, as always, the cost per lead depends on tier countries scale.

XloveCam Affiliate Program

XloveCash is the name for XloveCam affiliate program, your portal to a tons of sexiest webcams on the whole Internet. XLoveCash is a multi-awarded affiliate program based on revshare with one of the highest commission rate of this list : 35% for every single sale generated by your referrals.

Minimum payout: $50

You can register at XloveCam Affiliate Program for free.

Glossary: All the terms non detailed in this article

You don't understand a word ? No panic, you may find the definition below:

  • Affiliate link: This is the URL linked to the affiliate's ID which is required to track traffic and sales generated. This link is unique and is integrated in all click-to-action tools by the affiliate.
  • Double opt-in (DOI): It's a sign-up affiliate program that requires e-mail confirmation from the user. As an affiliate, you will get paid for each email confirmed subscription without a minimum purchase by the user brought to the platform.
  • Merchant: This is the other name used for advertiser.
  • Minimum payout: This is the amount you must reach before asking for.
  • Single-opt-in (SOI): As an affiliate, a SOI program means that you will earn a percentage for every free sign-up made by one of your visitor to the advertiser site without e-mail confirmation needed.
  • Tier countries: In affiliate marketing, countries are divided in 3 or 4 tiers. Tier-1 the best converting countries (usually the west european and north america) to Tier-4 that convert much less due to the economic or politic situation of the country.