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Thumbnails Not Showing

Thumbnails are lazy loaded: They are loaded progressively thanks to a javascript snippet, which significantly increases the load speed of your site.

The counterpart is that if you have any JavaScript error or conflict on your site, the images will not be displayed anymore.

How to see JavaScript errors

Your best friend is your browser. WordPress support has a great article to learn how to diagnose JavaScript Errors.

This will help you to detect what is causing the JavaScript issue on your site.

Most frequent sources of JavaScript errors

Here are the two main sources of JavaScript errors you could encounter, and how to fix them.

1. Poorly coded plugins

You may want to install some awesome plugins on your site to add even more awesome features. But all plugins are not well coded, tested or updated. This is a high risk of JavaScript errors or conflicts.

Following the guide to diagnose JavaScript errors, you’ll be able to easily detect this kind of plugin. You’ll often see the name of the plugin in your browser console like this:


{plugin-name} is the name of the plugin that contains JavaScript errors.

{javascript-file-name} is the name of the JavaScript file where the error occures.

Deactivating the plugin called {plugin-name} should fix the issue.

If you get trouble with some well known plugins from the WordPress plugins repo, do not hesitate to create a ticket to report it. We’ll take a look.

2. Caching and minifying JavaScript files

Are you using any CloudFlare CDN or good caching plugin? mhhh, we know you do, And you’re right!

Those services and plugins are great, but you have to know how to clear their cache when you modify your site. Especially after any theme or plugin update. Indeed, updates often come with new versions of JavaScript or CSS files. But your caching system will force your site to load the old version of those files.

There are plenty of articles out there to learn how to clear caches. Be sure to read how to purge Cloudflare cache or the documentation of your caching plugin.